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10 Tips to increase productivity while in LA traffic.

How to increase my daily productivity? Well, start by utilizing the available time wisely. The average American spends over 200 hours in traffic per year. What can you do with these 200 hours? We hope you get some ideas and start leveraging the most precious thing you have in life: Time. The idea here is to value your valuable time and be productive in traffic jam.

Hydrate Your Body

Take the opportunity to sip plenty of fluids during your trip.  It is recommended to drink half-gallon of water per day. That means you need to take every chance you have to hydrate along your day. We will make sure we have plenty of bottles for you. Sure enough, our staff will promptly offer you a complimentary refreshment because our service is design to improve your quality of life after all.

Improve your high income skills

When you ride our private car service, you will be investing in yourself. Think of it this way, you can use 200 Hours to learn a new language, for example. Or maybe you've wanted to listen to some great audiobooks, either way, you can improve your high-income skills while in traffic.

Organize Your Schedule

Why a lot of people feel overwhelmed nowadays? It can be lack of organization, or maybe lack of time to get organized. Take the chance to go over your schedule and make sure your plans are laid out on your calendar. Organize to get things done while you are on a transfer or commute. Make sure you find some time on your busy schedule for family time, it is essential, the most important actually.

Respond to emails and make phone calls

We take care of driving so you can focus on the emails and calls you need to make. It is very common for passengers to engage with their phones and laptops during rides, so we supply charging station and Wi-Fi during trips. You can call our service a sort of "TO - Temporary Office" or better yet, "TOB - The Office Bridge" if you will.

Prepare for meetings

Are you trying to close a deal? Any presentation you need to give? Why not get prepared for your show while we drive you there. Use your time on-board our fleet to revise or tweak your content, memorize or create value in the world. You can even recite your speech or pitch to our team if you need to practice, we don't mind at all, right.

Shop Online

Holidays around the corner, you sure need some shopping done here and there. Why not use the rush hour to your benefit? Take the time to find the right gift or new "toy" you've been thinking of. Usually busy people end up in late night shopping quests, but if you think about it, how much can you spend online in 200 hours. Well, apparently this is the most "dangerous" tip so far. Use with moderation.

Rest your mind

Another favorite among our clients! For those who take meditation seriously or are able to just focus within themselves while riding, this is an excellent opportunity to just chill. We can put some calm and smooth instrumental if you would like, maybe it can help your inner peace to settle in. Meditate, power nap or just rest your eyes, sometimes that is all we need.

Sightseeing the city

There is so much to see in Southern California, we encourage you to look around and discover the beauty of the west coast. Our knowledgeable staff can really make transfer commute feel like city tours.  Very often our clients find new things to love about the city during rides.

Think Big

Ideas can change the world. We never know when you will have your next big concept or realization. But we do know that surrounding ourselves with the right environment can play a significant role here. Our luxury fleet is designed to make you feel inspired and maybe come up with the right solution for your projects.

Share with the world

Ideally, you need a creative team and excellent filming equipment to create stunning videos, but maybe some original insights or thoughts you share in a video can help other people, just like you, to grow and prosper in life. Why not take a boring trip and turn it into a fantastic story and inspire others. Time to get social!

Ready for you next trip?

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