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Coachella Music Festival


The hottest American music festival, Coachella, is coming - and with a pit stop that promises to gather fashionistas and Brazilian personalities in weight! It is that Laces, hair spa Cris Dios, will bring together a lively group of celebs in your house Laces Coachella during the 15th to 24th April in Palm Springs, California. At the invitation of the Agency White Consulting, Rodrigo Branco, the hall called names like Thaila Ayala, Caroline Celico, Yanna Levigne, Gabriella Pugliesi, Vivi Orth, Marina Diniz and Bruno Gissoni to stay in a mansion that has the mood Laces with concept organic and natural. The site will also include an exclusive lounge for guests, as well as the products of Laces and Cris Dios lines, and promises to be fashionista point before heading to the musical buzz. "Rafael and Luciana were already customers and always spoke of the desire to create something that involved Laces experience. When they invited us to do a project during the Coachella immediately saw the synergy with our DNA and public. We strongly believe in the events involving art, music, nature, lifestyle and modern behavior, "says Cris Dios. Vogue will be there and show all the buzz in space in real time - promise!

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