US judge extends drivers class action against Uber

More Uber drivers can participate in a class action lawsuit in California against the urban transport service on your employment status , appointed a US judge on Wednesday ( 9). Permission is true even if they have not chosen to include arbitration clause in their contracts. Uber drivers sued in San Francisco in a federal court . They claim to be company employees. Therefore, entitled to reimbursement for expenses, including fuel and vehicle maintenance. Currently, drivers who pay the costs . The results of a legal battle against the Uber can reshape the economy on demand , which is built around Internet companies that serve as markets combining people who provide a service with others who want to pay for it. Later this year, US District Judge Edward Chen said the Uber drivers should have opted for a will to be members of a class . At that time , the Uber said the decision of Chen meant only a "small fraction " of a potential 160,000 California drivers who would qualify as class members. But on Wednesday , Chen found that some of the Uber arbitration agreements were unenforceable. Chen also decided that drivers may file claims for reimbursement of expenses against the company as class actions . In a statement , the Uber said it would appeal "immediately" of Chen's decision.


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