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  • Gus Baptista

Effect Trump fires voter registration among Latinos

The Republican presidential candidate considered Latino immigrants " rapists " and " drug dealers " The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump 's speech that Latino immigrants are " rapists " that " bring drugs " and crime , among other insults, was named " Trump effect " . The journalist Gabrielle Levy stressed that " despite the radical position it to be the base factor of its amazing popularity, the ' effect Trump ' is causing the increase in voter registration among Latinos who are offended by this rhetoric and can take it as well as other candidates to defeat anti-immigrant . " Activists say the naturalization of Latino immigrants is increasing, " specifically because they want to vote against Trump ," according to one of them. This phenomenon has preoccupied the Republican Party (GOP ) from the beginning of the bizarre and bombastic presidential campaign of real estate tycoon. Apparently , Trump has benefited from the attack on undocumented immigrants, refugees and the widespread fear of the threat of terrorism . Moreover, his rhetoric influenced the Republican challenger Marco Rubio, who since has supported the legalization of 11 million undocumented living in the US . In Iowa, the Republican candidates are accusing each other of who is more in favor of " amnesty" before the Republican meeting on Monday (1). Interestingly, those who have benefited from this impasse is the former governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley . He was fortunate to run as a traditional presidential candidate, mayor of a big city , governor for two terms , in an election year nothing traditional. Your state has passed many progressive laws and reaped good results, a good way to impress voters in the primaries.


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