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Since the concession becomes problem for the US

In addition to the illegal immigration, the government tries to prevent potential terrorists who can visa to enter the country When Americans think about immigration reform, surely many of them think to solve the flow of illegal immigration from Mexico. However, the terrorist attacks of September 2001 and the latest tragedy in San Bernardino (CA) reveal that focus on legal immigration is much more critical to national security. The current process needs a thorough reform if the authorities really want to avoid that bad guys, or radicalized religious fanatics entering the United States. To visit the US, citizens of most countries, excluding 38 (Visa Waiver Program), must apply for visas at embassies and consulates around the world. The emphasis in the veto process implies that, as the current system, search for a candidate for inappropriate behavior and belief is even possible. Otto Von Bismark said: "Politics is the art of the possible" and this reality is experienced by people working in the consular missions. In March 2015, Congress formed the bipartisan Task Force to Combat Terrorist Travel to and Foreign Fighter. The group's goal is to review by six months the threat posed by individuals who leave the country to join jihadist groups abroad and identify security breaches. The review is considered the widest made by the Government in combating terrorist travel from the 9/11 Commission report in 2004, which focused on foreign fighters traveling to Iraq and Syria, they intended to return to the US and commit terrorist acts. In September 2015, the Task Force published its final report. Although it was mentioned that there are additional opportunities to expand the potential extremist investigation process early in the process, the Task Force has not done enough to address the concerns regarding the visa vetting process. The tragedy in San Bernardino took place two months after the Task Force completed the work.


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